Duo Vance
Howard - guitar  &  Beverly - flute
 "an excellence in flute and guitar,
 captivated the audience with
 with their marvelous notes."
 Critica - Maracaibo, Venezuela
Breath across the mouthpiece,
bare fingers on the strings;
nothing comes between
the musicians and the music
when Beverly and Howard  Vance
play the flute and
the classical guitar for you.
Whether they perform for your social or business gatherings or in recital,  Duo Vance will make you sit up and listen. Their years of classical training and performance experience have brought mastery of their instruments. 

Their selections, ranging from Bach to Beatles to Bossa Nova to Bluegrass, will surprise you and your guests. 

For the best time your ears have ever had,  
contact  Howard or Beverly at:  
(901) 767-6940 mailto: TootPick@aol.comTootPick@aol.com
CDs, tapes and song lists available. 
978 Reddoch Cove, Memphis, TN  38119 

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