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What's New!

Organized books and sheet music (only a very few) in separate directories with like named files.  This allows for dynamic  web page construction (generated each time).   How the catalog web page knows who to include I have added a file which lists all of the books and sheet music for the catalog.  

In short to add an item into the catalog you create a directory with 6 files in it. and upload it to the web site.  Then  add a line to the prodlist file  and that is it.   The new book will appear where it is suppose to in the catalog and order forms.  A link to the new catalog is at the bottom of this page.

I have not yet modified the order form using this new technique.

PRODLIST File  (I'm sure other stuff will need to be added)

B,Blues and Boogie Book,B/Blues_and_Boogie_Book,$10.00
B,!Doable Duos,B/Doable_Duos,$10.00
B,Kids Swing,B/Kids_Swing,$10.00
B,Duets for Students,B/Duets_For_Students,$10.00
B,Christmas With Guitar,B/Christmas_With_Guitar,$10.00
B,Give a Toot,B/GIVE_A_TOOT,$10.00
B,Leave My Flute Alone,B/Leave_My_Flute_Alone,$10.00
B,Beginning Guitar 4 Children,B/Beginning_Guitar_4_Children,$10.00
S,Jazz Chords,S/Jazz_Chords,$15.00

The "B" or "S" stands for book and sheet (or single page item.
Next is the title as it would appear
Next is the directory where the item files are found
Last is the price of the item

within each directory is the following files


The cover of the book or sheet music
The long description of the book / music
the foward from the book
hreffoward and hreftoc forget for now
logo which is the small graphic title of the book
and the table of contents

Link to New Catalog